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The three and three site optimization ban on

no matter what kind of website has its own hardware configuration, for ordinary website is a standard stable host is necessary, the website program also try to take charge, because the charges have to be maintained and program to explain, I hope you stand long friends carefully grasp this point. Of course, if you are a rich technical webmaster, choose free program modification is feasible, but the key is to let our website domain name is stable, fast and stable, the host website program loading speed, pages open faster, only make sure that some of our website is a high standard of website, and form a boost for the website after the score in the love of Shanghai webmaster tools can also detect, love Shanghai can be said to affect the net score The ranking, hope webmaster friends think seriously about how to carry on this point.

can tell you three basis, with the site of future development and practical progress plays an important role in promoting, which requires three of the webmaster friends to do the site, to avoid three prohibited acts, only do this in order to ensure the normal progress of the website is enough. Following the detailed talk about the work site three.

three high standard

website optimization is the most webmaster in things, but in the optimization of the website part of the webmaster also entered the wrong, can be said that this part of the webmaster optimization of this road on the site certainly can not account for cheap, in the face of website optimization difficulty, as an ordinary webmaster how to improve website optimization power. This requires the webmaster friends? Seize website optimization with three three ban, seized these points to ensure the orderly conduct of website optimization.


High quality

correlation with original content is the core of website development, can be said that no matter what the site after the user enters is to understand the content of the website, and these contents are either images or text, in the face of the current search engine under high requirements, it is well correlated with the original high quality content is particularly important., webmaster friends must remember: no matter what kind of relationship with original website must grasp the content, if there is no text description image replacement is feasible.

ordered chain transitionThe

is a high quality correlation with original content

chain has been the focal point of website development, love Shanghai search engine discloses some information of the chain in the early stage, although this part of the information for the majority of the chain were explained, but we from this part of the information is not difficult to see over the site outside the chain, that is the love of some industries of Shanghai the master station, classified information of their own products, and so on the chain is recognized, so we in the site of the process is to seize the love Shanghai identity, uninterrupted by the construction site of the chain, the chain to transition their own website.

The hardware configuration of

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