August 12

The site is K you should have at least three months of patience


site is K or is every webmaster will meet in Shanghai Longfeng roads are the problem is right down (especially love Shanghai so impermanent, right down is every two or three days things, so we must have patience), actually I think the site was K didn’t what a shame, I once wrote an article without K station is not a good webmaster. A person in the process of growing up will encounter this or that setback. The key is that we must grow from setbacks, rather than being depressed become depressed and have no confidence, and finally lead to give up. I especially love ma in 08 years at the foot of the Great Wall innovation China to entrepreneurs in a word, never give up. As long as we don’t give up, then what will we not give up. In fact, K site is the most important thing is to see the face of every person in mind. This world was never really desperate, only despair thinking. The site is K is the same, as long as your site does not use those extreme means of cheating, search engine blacklist, if this is the case you do not have what hope, I believe will cheat people will think of this day. The general situation is the K website there are opportunities delivered from oppression. In the several sites is the K experience, generally after three months will be restored.

There is a station when at the beginning of February due to spatial instability causes by K

also has a website is because the love of Shanghai in July a large-scale K station when the station I was unfortunately K, I know my website not because of cheating was K, it will not take long before the recovery. So when I was in the website optimization is not like time to update operation, valuable content to users every day. Every day or continue to develop quality links, promotion to. So in October when this website also recovered. Here’s a feeling also don’t know what is right or wrong, everyone who listens to it, if your site is in love with the sea K, you love mount Shanghai statistics. From other search engines over the flow it is know, in fact this is to tell the love sea search engine is recognized by my website. Every day you persist to some other way to promote user experience better, your web traffic.

the author, as long as we often see this log will know. Love Shanghai particularly high requirements for the space, you may point out a problem, especially some of the new space, if you often have problems, then you have to pay attention, even without K, the probability of being right down is quite large. This is like Google, Sogou what did not seem too big reaction, the problem will only love Shanghai, I experience several station observations. I remember I was in February K, May was restored, and ranking than before. This is because my website was K after I still did not give up, for a good space to continue to Shanghai, the correct method of operation, in fact all of this love Shanghai are to see in the eye, so after a recovery, even better than the original ranking. In fact, your site is K this time you do these love Shanghai are weight calculation.

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