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The use of micro blog rapid access to new traffic flow on the first day of 10000 P

Careful webmaster

I will often use this method in the new group net www.xintuan贵族宝贝 forum, of course, I’m just going to do some decoration, with the real estate related words, "


certification after micro-blog, you only need to pay close attention to daily hot words love Shanghai, then check whether micro-blog search results, if there is, then you can immediately publish an article related to the content of articles to your site, then micro-blog in key words in the topic published an article related to micro-blog and the best with your site now, not surprisingly, the latest 5 minutes, Shanghai will update your love micro-blog, and ranked first in the box.

if you can ensure that 10 key words love Shanghai popular uninterrupted attention and remain in the box, I believe that the final result will give you a surprise.

If you have

for more tips, you will see their own, I have tested this method in the new dress. Www.lianyiba贵族宝贝, 10000IP website on the first day of breakthrough, of course I haven’t put all the keywords do over, I just part of the key comparison to.

first stated, on micro-blog for the flow of my share of real and effective, but not all users are able to do, the reason is very simple, when the article is published, more and more people know of this method, the difficulty will be especially large. At the same time, this method can only on micro-blog or Tencent is effective user authentication of Sohu micro-blog, if your micro-blog also failed to play on the right, then give up, this method is not suitable for you.

may have been found very early on, love Shanghai micro-blog box has long appeared in the love of Shanghai popular vocabulary search page, and we have to do is hold by hot flow all love Shanghai included micro-blog certified timely, I said ten thousand IP daily is not worth mentioning, if you have special staff one day in 100 thousand traffic should not much of a problem.

don’t worry, this is actually the love Shanghai search method, so your audience is not high, but you must be a Tencent or Sohu to authenticate the user. ADO, announced:

love Shanghai hot words micro-blog latest results


maybe someone will ask, my micro-blog audience is not high, only a few thousand people, how can we do on the discharge of tens of thousands of

note that there are probably many owners have been engaged in, so very likely a few minutes will be trampled here, never mind, you only need to broadcast the comments on the original article, a few minutes after micro-blog returned to the first position.

for such a title, I was in an article on "how to write text? How to quickly get through the soft external links? "Had advance notice of the.

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