August 12

The small and medium sized enterprise website of Shanghai dragon should be people oriented

is now very much the number of small and medium-sized enterprises, registered every day, on the door. There are statistics, now the number of small and medium-sized enterprises have accounted for more than 98% the number of enterprises China. It also includes a lot of low-key unregistered studios, shows the importance of small and medium sized enterprises. The attendant problem is becoming more and more fierce and cruel competition, there are statistics, the small and medium-sized enterprise survival rate is very small, the average life expectancy of not more than 2.9 years.


is actually very simple, search engine for the customer who is the answer, and we are in need of small and medium sized enterprises on the search engines for these potential customers to provide what they want. Then they found you, clinch a deal. So, the small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon is a trend now.

pulled so much nonsense, you may be tired, just want to explain why do Shanghai Longfeng SME website optimization. Certainly also some small business owners do not know Shanghai Longfeng optimization, hope they can see their corporate Web site plan how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


1. hired Shanghai Longfeng specialist, Shanghai dragon optimization for their corporate website. The advantages of this method is that you have to optimize the internal staff of Shanghai Longfeng own, may make you feel my heart at ease, face-to-face communication every day, this is very convenient, what can be.


what is people-oriented? Love Shanghai encyclopedia name card explained: people-oriented, is the core of Scientific Outlook on Development. Is the embodiment of Chinese Communist Party adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly for the party. The "people-oriented", the "decision" is Chinese Communist Party in the third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee put forward a new request. This is people first, of course this very official explanation. We don’t have to go into it, because we are not focusing on it. As long as we can understand the meaning of people-oriented.

how to

now do Shanghai Longfeng optimization method is nothing more than the following three small and medium-sized enterprise website:

small and medium enterprise website of Shanghai dragon should be people-oriented, which is the same core. The search engine algorithm and how to adjust, optimize the people-oriented core site in Shanghai Longfeng unchanged.

so, small and medium enterprises to survive, to make money, when money and ideal conflict, money is the primary goal, because the rich can live. The rapid development of the Internet and now, with a lot of good platform and opportunity. Now small and medium-sized enterprises will generally choose this very good network promotion channels, to expand their market. Including many traditional small and medium-sized enterprises to join the ranks of the inside, this is the trend, you do not come to be eliminated. The search engine is a very good platform, above a lot of blue ocean market waiting for you to develop.

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