August 12

The search engine and the Shanghai dragon ER cut and chaotic war and love

"love Shanghai search engine optimization.

at the same time, continued strong growth in the online world, Google love Shanghai was given to Shanghai dragon ER greater development opportunities in space.

is simple in theory, the relationship between the search engine and the Shanghai dragon ER should be "one, all depend on each other," because Shanghai dragon ER constantly on various occasions to strengthen the search engine to search engine brand, brand building has a very important role, just a few years time, Shanghai dragon in the hot Chinese have proved that ER search engine for Shanghai dragon brand reinforcement.

therefore, all search engines (including Taobao search) of Shanghai dragon ER at least in heart are welcomed:

In the Google


in the "Shanghai dragon combat code" preface next Matt Cutts noted: "some people think that Shanghai dragon only means spam or deceptive means, this is not correct".

"love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" also said: "the search engine to encourage and support the" white Shanghai dragon "," search engine and the Shanghai dragon behavior is a kind of benign symbiotic relationship".

Just think of

But the

anti spam group leader Matt Cutts Zan Hui (ZAC) "Shanghai dragon combat code" wrote the preface, he said "is not only the designers and programmers, CEO and ordinary users if you know more about (Shanghai Longfeng knowledge), can benefit from".

love in Shanghai "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" in the opening of the grassroots situation said: "according to the DCCI2010 survey China Internet webmaster the survival and development of a data show that Chinese Internet webmaster monthly income of 500 yuan, the proportion of income of more than 50%, the main profit model is still dominated by advertising."

search engine that this gang called the Shanghai dragon ER are used to the expert overweeningly ambitious, lead a fast, they only consider whether they can gain more profits from the Shanghai dragon, they will not abide by the rules of the search engine to be docile and obedient. As the Shanghai dragon ER do it, will destroy the whole search engine brand, and even destroy the whole network search engine must order, leading Shanghai dragon direction.

ER with Shanghai dragon Matt Cutts identity earnestly — Google group is responsible for anti spam, we can understand the search engine for the complex mood Shanghai dragon ER, both to encourage, while not letting Shanghai dragon ER like, must guide the Shanghai dragon ER Shanghai Longfeng practice toward the development of reasonable Shanghai dragon direction.

is starting from here, the contradiction between search engine and the Shanghai dragon ER produced.

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