August 27

Novice webmaster how can achieve the standardization of website

code generation.

4, do website map standardized

5, URL tracking code

5, use the search engine management set the preferred domain



1, web page weight, ranking has not risen

3, do website 301 turn, the successful conversion is not standardized.

1, URL

4, page URL encryption and encryption page coexisting

4, the website included not completely obstructed, spiders crawl the page information

standard. The disadvantages, a web site a lot of irregularities. The search engine will give daily trouble. As everyone knows, the front page of the site should be fixed, only one, but many webmaster in the back page links to URL are varied. This approach will allow search engines do not know what to give you any weight. The most serious situation than many of your home sites and search engines, you don’t feel happy, this is the precursor to your site is down right, because you’re in the search engine seems copy. The most obvious disadvantages are:

5, the search engine that is cheating on site

2, URL


3, the search engine recognition is blocked, unable to determine the site of the

Secondly, we need to understand the port number

2, external links pointing weights unknown

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

6, CMS system self generated different URL

page coexist

many webmaster all know, canonicalization is a process to select the most appropriate URL love Shanghai as the site of basic website. But a lot of non-standard website URL will hamper the website optimization work, become a stumbling block on the road to optimize. The necessity of today and we simply talk about canonicalization and solutions.

3, the static and dynamic URL

2 ensure internal links

static error settings

all we learn to produce non-standard website main reasons, generally do not have the standard mode. Without WWW, the end is index.html and so on. The cause of these non-standard websites the main reasons are:


There is

1, set the CMS system configuration, the

own site

is to solve the main methods are:

solutions can help us solve the problem. Although not the norm, but if we really want to solve the problem of their site specification must be checked and modified, excluding the standard web site, so as to enhance the overall weight of the site, do website optimization work.

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