August 28

Discussion on the relationship between love and the Shanghai dragon sea Box Computing


3. sports information such as the Olympics, world cup, the world’s five largest football tournament, the Asian Games

fell in love with the sea Box Computing platform to some extent is PPC substitute. Once the site, you can participate in the rankings in the box. Participate in cost is relatively low. Based on the Box Computing platform if the field continues to mature to expand, various B2C sites and small sites are among the box would rather spend it on the rankings, many rely on site to do search engine optimization for search results of the technicians of Shanghai Longfeng a space for one person will have great influence. By then, Shanghai Dragon technology may only brush the drop-down box and relevant search search.


5. software download

2. entertainment information such as: TV, movies, cartoons, variety, constellation

1. public life information such as: weather forecast, Beijing time, train flight, lottery

love Shanghai this year put forward the so-called Box Computing, for we are engaged in the Shanghai dragon staff, how many will have impact on various websites webmaster is full of challenges, but also have a lot of opportunities. We must first understand what is Box Computing. The so-called Box Computing refers to user input keywords in the display box, the system will love Shanghai by requesting recognition best content provider, and then the results show to the user. Figure:

6. information such as: education, health care, diet

is currently mainly used in box sea area:


4. the major current focus of information

more than a purely personal opinion, if it is not appropriate to welcome the exchange of my station welcomes the support for Adsense nets.

I think, from the user perspective, the user is indeed a box saves the user search time is to enhance the user experience but this website to Shanghai dragon, especially in the promotion of small websites has greatly increased the difficulty. But the distribution function of the traditional flow is greatly weakened. Because the B2C website mostly through search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) to get more traffic, so Box Computing appears to B2C website are not willing to spend money to those who are called Er (Shanghai dragon help website search engine optimization person) group, but choose to join the love of Shanghai Box Computing platform.

from Shanghai’s love Box Computing view, what is the relationship between the new concept and Shanghai dragon? And what kind of impact on Shanghai dragon

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