August 28

A little love Shanghai Chinese segmentation speculation

can be inferred from the above, love Shanghai encountered a keyword, should be the first word segmentation, but the first test match in Shanghai Sony Ericsson encyclopedia entry and love Shanghai index index Chinese words, not an exact match, then the word, two years ago in Shanghai love to search for the words "Lichuan News Network" that is divided into Lichuan / news / network, since the keyword index, Shanghai will love it as a whole keyword.

The original

of course, love Shanghai segmentation technology will certainly more complicated than I inferred to be more personal, as the love of Shanghai’s products, love Shanghai will not give up their own resources, will refer to love Shanghai Wikipedia entries as part of a word segmentation algorithm, so do the same search Tencent have developed their own Wikipedia soso but, after we do in Shanghai Longfeng, met more long tail keywords cannot be correctly segmented circumstances, can create an entry in the Encyclopedia of love Shanghai, and then in reference to add their own links, it can also solve the love Shanghai related products than our website weight high problem.

We all know that

, Chinese segmentation love Shanghai than nobility baby do good, quote a picture found on the network:

by Lichuan online, the A5 platform first, please indicate the source, the source address: 贵族宝贝445400贵族宝贝/blog/610.html


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