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The secret is not a dream of winning the second is still content is king

two, the second road: success included techniques

The paper published The second is

is good, only a limited amount of. The small and medium-sized enterprise website or personal website after all than large integrated portal, has a large editorial team. Even if unremittingly original, can write daily content but also four or five articles (if only to take into account the quality, the yield is high). But four or five a day to search engine, some updated range is too small. Reprint is a beneficial supplement to the original, but reproduced is learned, not a copy of the content. The same as the original, reproduced and the content must be reproduced and site theme related, and is reproduced, as far as possible the faithful do substantial modification. Reprint should also adhere to the quality win, provide high-quality content for users and search engines. At the same time, which has been forwarded numerous articles, should not be reproduced object.

instant search included, the second means what? Means the resident spider web search sites, search engines often pay attention to the website; also means that the search engine has plenty of trust on the website, this website is to trust highlights competitive advantage. In general, second site occurred in the rich information resources on the portal site. This is because the rich amount of information web site, frequently updated and weights and the degree of concern because of the very high. However, the second is so desirable, even small website seconds is not impossible. Just seconds of the road is not the way open, but need to temper through the original, quality content forwarding and adhere to the long-term unremitting.

in the search.

, the second: quality content is the key to

content is always the root of the web site, no matter what type of what kind of website, do not empty spent will not win the favor of the user search engine attention. Can be a high degree of confidence in the website, is rich in content and quality. The first is quality content refers to the original content, search engines love content especially high-quality content, but also let the false wound too deep. Meaningless words and replace the keyword stuffing, not only waste a lot of resources search engine, but also damage the user experience of search engine. After continuous updating of the optimization algorithm, almost all search engines become more and more aware of the original, insisted that the original website ranking soared is an indisputable fact.

The original

even if they can not grasp the quality of content update skills, there is no law to search spider overeating, cannot reach the second effect. The content of the absolute release rules, and winning is the secret of nature. The first is to adhere to the regular updates, that every day at a fixed time range released some new content to the website, this does not have to be fixed to a specific point in time, but in a time range. For example, the author has insisted for half a year, every night between 12:00-1:00 updates on the website, the effect has been slowly emerging, included ratios of more than 95%.

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