August 30

Try a different title to break traffic surge

1, conventional Title

3, locking the title

digital is that using the title of digital macroscopic generalization and summary, the user can clearly understand the title from the content of several key points. Shanghai dragon Er is often according to self summarizes experience and interpretation, such as: 5 methods for the construction of the chain of practical. This title is more convincing, the digital information itself can fully show the characteristics of chastity. At the same time, users can also in the title and read the contents are compared with previous.

title is an important factor to obtain the user click browse, is of vital importance in the Shanghai dragon in. No matter what the industry, a good proposition, a good title is often the most important factor to attract users to browse. How to write the title, to become a lot of research object of Shanghai dragon -er. Small according to the usual experience, that the title of the name in Shanghai Longfeng in content editing is the essence of the key, is the need to carefully grasp. In this small series also talk about their "title" for some of the feelings.

type digital Title

5, event title

event type title is often based on the time a hot event to name. Such as: iPhone5 will be launched in October, apple began to have internal test. Keywords event type in the title is only active for a period of time, for a long time, the type of title to get traffic will be less and less.

is a good question type title can cause the user curiosity, empathy. Such as: want to let your website traffic surge? When the user first saw such title, the heart is eager to solve the question of the heart. This will have to click Browse behavior.

conventional title is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng proposition Er standard, can simply reflect the content described in the view of Shanghai dragon Er proposition is often use love Shanghai drop-down box and search box to determine the routine title, such as: the construction site outside the chain. Benefit is the widely popular search meet the behavior.

lock title is mainly targeted by narrowing the range. Here the narrow specifically refers to the lock time, lock crowd, locking location. For example: 14:00-16:00 free shopping, Shanghai dragon Er to talk about their ideas, Chongqing Shanghai dragon. Lock the title role is widely used, can accurately identify the target, improve the conversion rate.



4, question type Title type Title Speculation The

type title is more speculation in the news, but a lot of Shanghai dragon -er also takes advantage of the psychological characteristics of people love gossip. Speculation headlines generally include: boast large, out of thin air type. Such as: let the day of your web site traffic soared, Feng Chi again remarried. Presumably this title caught most of class people’s psychology, when >

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