September 3

The webmaster should regularly check the site Links

we do not pursue the other reason for the cancellation of Links, regardless of whether it is intentional or unintentional, or otherwise, through this thing made me realize, regularly check the website Links how important it is, we do not need to check every day, but also have to check at least once a month. This is the minimum requirement. In exchange Links, some stationmaster is fraud, their purpose is to cheat link, and you exchange links, cancelled immediately in a short period of time, we adopt this way of operation.

Links still have to rely on their own, if others inform us, we cannot decide, notice or notice or not, we must remember to regularly check the website link. Some crook we link, not only do not appreciate you, will think you are a fool. I have cheated a link, just exchange Links yesterday, today will give you cancelled, because re install the website, I inadvertently found a Links no results, find each other theory, each other actually tell me accidentally deleted, I went to check on this site Links, found the webmaster is a liar, canceled a lot of links.

but there are other reasons, such as your site has been unable to reach the requirements of the other two sites, for example at first exchange Links, your site is 2 PR, his PR site is 2, two of the flow of the site is relatively small, but a year after his site PR value is 5, and the your site PR value is 2, and the flow has a great gap, is normal to cancel your Links time, you might not notice you blame others, but this is normal, not everyone will notice you cancel link.

I of Links has always been not very concerned about, exchange links, rarely take the time to check, but don’t know, a look surprised, one of my site is October, exchange Links last year, when the exchange of more than a dozen friendship site, time to see today’s discovery, five the site has canceled my Links, what is the time to cancel the I don’t know, but only a little more than two months, half of the Links was cancelled, or I could not help but gasped.

Links is a fair exchange, if a one-way link, it can not be called "friendship". We don’t want to delete other malicious links, but also do not want to own the link is no reason to delete. This article by

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