September 3

The recent website ranking off what reason

unfortunately, because of his laziness and carelessness, my 2 blog ranking has dropped Not the least trace was found. This caveat: do Shanghai, not because of momentary lazy and forget their own hard to establish the website, must keep updating, otherwise wasted, lost the opportunity to make money.

third: original articles updated. A web site to keep updated every day the contents of spider every day to climb, there are new content every day, so every day to climb the spider. So, to keep the website content update is especially important.

: the original article less will lead to the website rankings do not come. Shanghai dragon, is important to the original article, spiders love Shanghai love pure original articles, so the website included natural fast. If a website articles are copying others, love Shanghai spiders don’t climb, the site will not be included.


space or domain name. If the space is not good, the site is also difficult to be collected. If the domain name is.Tk domain name, also love Shanghai not included, website ranking cannot rely on before. The Shanghai spiders love love贵族宝贝 is the domain name or domain name.Cn.

actually, my first order sales network is through Alibaba to free blog, the one order I earned 1600 yuan. I just opened the Alibaba a free blog, I stick to the Shanghai dragon rules, third days to do keyword ranking first in Shanghai love home before ten, I accounted for three. So, I have a chance to win the customer, the customer is passive to find a home. From the first single business to let me understand "by Shanghai Dragon technology to make money not tired.".

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, I opened a Sina blog and Alibaba blog, has been in the Shanghai rankings are the first love. But because of the new year this time doing something else, two blogs are not updated, thought: anyway, is a free blog, don’t go to business, and has been ranked in the first, temporarily no matter Never mind.

One reason:

who do Shanghai Longfeng people know, website ranking is a standard test of Shanghai Dragon Technology quality. Every struggle in Shanghai dragon ER website ranking. So many people came after the website ranking and off, what is the reason?

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