September 3

Website promotion in internal link optimization and the chain is also important

The somewhat controversial

two, add a beautiful 404 page

Five, the content of


404 page for Shanghai dragon role needless to say, the 404 page appearance also give users a good experience.

to do each page and each page has navigation, in addition to the user experience, let the search engine spiders can move in and out of an open web site, each page included an equivalent included a lot of internal links, is conducive to the collection of multiple pages, increasing the number of sites included.

a lot of websites to look "rich", in the home design is very messy directory, some for beauty, and the use of Flash images and other elements made of directory, these are not conducive to search engine included setting the directory structure is the best simple tree structure, link layer not too deep, not more than 3 suggestions so, have a better experience for the search engine and user directory, as far as possible with the writing form, if you need to use graphics or Flash also want to add text, but it is not recommended to use the mainstream search engine is difficult to identify the form.

spiders love Shanghai

, a web site directory

tags, many people believe that tags is beneficial for the internal but for search engine optimization effect has been significantly reduced, in fact, this is a bit one-sided, if content more, the label (tags) will bring together related content, advantage is self-evident, many to many of the site keywords the search results are contained in the label (tags) group page.

and increase the paging related content links

four, each content label (tags)

Optimization of

three, the navigation bar should focus on the user experience and experience


these two days to write the article is mainly about the chain construction site and Shanghai Longfeng optimization above, no write internal web site optimization is my fault. Website promotion is the most taboo only do the chain and do internal optimization, an empty not the content of the website but there are a large number of external links, will let love Shanghai doubt, even in limbo. And we found that the professional team Shanghai dragon have the chain of specialized personnel and rich resources of the chain to do, but in many cases also saw some small sites even if there is no chain of the strong support in Shanghai in search of love still has a good ranking, the causes of this kind of phenomenon is often reasonable website optimization internal links, like what I said today as the website promotion personnel for Shanghai dragon website internal links this one is relatively neglected, is our most taboo, in fact, optimize the internal links in the site overall ranking on the stability and long-term development more favorable, the relevant business internal links I to talk about some websites about my doing the

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