September 3

The mixed method of small Links exchange and the matters needing attention


platform is very powerful, for example I want to find PR4, love Shanghai included more than 1000, then the enterprise site, you can also enter keywords and related industries, such as in the following operation:

The ! Through the

1, Links exchange platform: now Links exchange platform in Shanghai love innumerable, just search for "Links platform" will come out a lot:

also recently mixed boy really was a little busy, blog update is not very regular, but will soon change, behind will write an article specifically said that, after the update regularly, and the quality of which has changed (now time to engage in construction in Wuhan the time to be a little bit more), I believe we do in the chain, for Links this piece is the most heavy, after all the weight is often the biggest, and is the anchor text link, the site overall weight is one of the best choices, even one-way links is more Niubi Kazakhstan, today’s topic is to share a little of my exchange Links and notice

Link Exchange" !


Links platform can easily find the way to contact each other, and their links to

by the addition of these QQ group, can send their own web site on the inside, will not be T ha, hey, can I give you a little bird flow, all of a sudden with hundreds of webmaster communication links, better oh

, how to find a Links object:


3, Google keyword search link through the love of Shanghai: this has been my Shanghai dragon blog the most commonly used method, we can carefully observe my Links, almost all link object is around several of the top, and if you have to flow in a certain key words, but not in the rankings home page or second page, so that there are a lot of people search keywords, this time you can for this keyword optimization, such as "Shanghai dragon blog", before I ranked at the end of third pages a day, but also can have a few IP to find me, I wondered at the time, the word has also been searching because I have a blog title? Shanghai dragon and blog, so together, found the words can bring a little bit of traffic, I love Shanghai search "Shanghai Long Fengbo Off, they can contact and then connect to the

with Dong Liang, Le Sishu and Xu Tao are put on the link, the last of my blog > Shanghai Dragon


2, related links QQ group: this can be done by group search, find some special links QQ group, a search for "



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