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The title may even drop right insatiably avaricious

many people love people everywhere to find the website, to help analyze the site to the point of views of what the diagnosis, actually a lot of unnecessary time to diagnosis, the title of the website is a big problem, the title setting is a er Shanghai dragon cannot escape the problem, many websites like placing a lot of title or keyword optimization target keywords stack and it is very unwise, even it will lead to drop right is listed as cheating.

2, the title length

1, control in less than 3

site title is indeed very important for ranking, which is why many enterprises have to love this pile of keywords, and even some people hate not all words need to optimize to the title heap, it is totally insatiably avaricious performance. In fact, the title of the resource is limited, the more keywords Title placed, so a single keyword ranking more difficult. The title is set at random, it may lead to your keyword weight or dispersion rejection, too much would be judged for cheating search engine.



first look at a title: "washing machine, TV, computer, air conditioning, water heater, refrigerator, fan, kitchen appliances, appliance repair, appliance wholesale, home appliance stores -XXX firms, this form is many enterprises set up the title format. The title has 11 words and 1 brands, and these 11 words are different products. First, this title will become very long, in the search results the user may not be able to see you on the part of the commodity title. The second key words too much, it will cause the content of the page also need so much, no specific keywords increase between competition, improve their own optimization difficulty. Finally, these words are not the same product, and users often do not need to buy a washing machine when the computer, which leads to the rejection, reduces the degree of user experience.

said in front of love Shanghai title search results display 30 Chinese characters up, Google is the 32 Chinese character, so in order to avoid the site title tail was cut very deeply, is not conducive to the user, the website title tag is best not more than 30 words, but in order to improve the user experience and highlight the target keywords, the best advice in length about 20-25, because the title is too long, not words will, this is not conducive to highlight the target keywords, reduces the correlation between title and website content; and the title is too long will distract the weight of keywords.

heading control at 3 or less is good, not only convenient content, and content pages generally a long tail word is enough, if you want to add keywords, can then add up the website weight.

the above example is a lot of people easily make a mistake, especially in Shanghai Longfeng novice, do website optimization title is a very important step, so the need for caution in Shanghai Longfeng wood here give you a few tips:



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