September 4

The domain name registrar DNS server or website for the invisible killer

              choose a good DNS server should start from the choice of the domain name registration business, the majority of people fancy in registering a domain name is just on the price cheap but ignore the stability factors of DNS. Although a lot of IDC in China are agents of the relatively large number of service providers such as network, domain name service, new network, domain name servers are relatively stable. But another part of the IDC in order to get more benefits in the choice of domain name server that is on the stability of quality is far less than the former, so they created a name server hidden. DNS may lead to resolution issues ranging from a few hours to resolve thousands of websites, while Ken can in a short time is difficult to restore resolution. Thus, we should consider how to register the strength in the choice of domain name registration at the same time, it can provide a good domain name service for you. There are many rice farmers to sell the domain name on the Internet, domain name registration through the low channels and then shot the transfer price is cheap, but the consequence is not optimistic, the DNS server is unstable and therefore has become a big hidden danger.

              DNS server we are not unfamiliar, will do website domain name to the corresponding IP address so as to achieve the purpose of analysis. Webmaster daily doing optimization of the station outside the station, choose whether the web server also thought that DNS will become a hidden on the site behind the killer? Site running speed not only depends on the program, run the server, and DNS parsing speed, or the DNS service server paralysis will also bring a host server is down as much as the injury site. Shijiazhuang Shanghai Longfeng binary blog in 1 to 5 am today there have been such a problem, resulting in several hours of access failed, so choosing a good DNS server site development is bound to the relationship of vital importance. This made the following analysis.

              if the stability of the DNS server will not bring bad influence to Shanghai dragon, but we all know that the site response speed affects search engine friendly degree. The DNS server does not appear much delay, so we find that the impact is small. DNS delays also tend to blame the web server problems, in fact ignore the DNS domain name registrar server already scarred, delays and failures also can hardly be avoided in the case of burden. The vulnerability of the DNS server to make the site very careful, do website ranking optimization done at the same time hidden an invisible killer how not to make people worry? &nb>

              the influence of DNS on Shanghai dragon

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