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Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis the webmaster work to know why

chain and the chain construction

for many webmaster, every day is repetitive, but rarely have the time or deliberately to analyze your website and the competitor’s site, we can not only in everyday work, but not knowing why it is so ran, as a webmaster should always remain sober minded, know each do their own things for what? Why, do what can bring to the site? The following by A5 Shanghai Longfeng group to optimize diagnosis and we explore the idea of website analysis.

analysis of the competitor’s website

page structure

to the original and pseudo original combination, equal to the amount given between the proportion, don’t let the weight of the site by reducing the website content, website content at the same time must adhere to daily updates, when writing web content should also pay attention to the layout of the keywords, although it appears reasonable natural keywords layout on the line, but if your article core keywords only appears in the title, the content did not say that it is not a good thing, therefore, to update the content or the appropriate attention to the layout of the keywords.

to do any type of website, there will be very competitive, not only have you a website, you are doing at the same time, competitors are also doing the same website, who would like to have their own website ranking, but not the light said on the line, go to conscientiously implement, go out to do. But not to say that you work hard, pay a lot of websites will be successful, but also related to many other aspects, such as: you don’t have a competitor’s website to conduct a comprehensive analysis, included, peer site keywords, the source of the chain analysis and Alexa Rank records, these are the webmaster every day we must do, to keep a clear sense of crisis, the competitor’s website, is the so-called confidant itself, not to be through this does not just talk to.

The The layout of Optimization, code optimization

view the page structure, with the optimization technology optimization, eliminating redundant code of foot. This is every webmaster should do, but there are many novice webmaster don’t realize this, there are many owners simply cannot read HTML code, so he can not determine whether the page structure of the website and what are the deficiencies, but also don’t need to be optimized, the optimization of the place how to start, this is the A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team often encountered, customer site owners are novice, do not understand the HTML a bit, do every day is updated, the hair of the chain, but ignore the page structure optimization, search engine caused difficulties, then don’t come to the crisis.

article update, key words

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