September 4

The construction of practical guide website links

I’m in the A5 Adsense online journal

derived link building practical guide:

1, understand the nature of the Internet

2, The

page of the PR value is determined by many factors, such as site layout, structure, content and so on, are links to sites on their own website PR has little effect. In the outbound links Xiaofeng lottery my website, also confirmed such a theory. A page is the PR value of the page itself by the reverse connection number and reverse connection place of the PR value of the page resolution, and outbound links are not directly related to the. To this issue more in-depth analysis, I added the link of the lottery website, transfer to the other page of the PR value will decline in such a situation, in addition to the transfer page page PR value will decline. But this loss is.

this job was the most neglected, maybe you will think I do Shanghai Longfeng work, to know what it is doing? This understanding is wrong, is the essence of the Internet links and sharing with our Shanghai dragon work is closely connected, our work is focused on this the environment. Between the Internet information can be spread, because of this condition, it is beneficial for us to work in Shanghai dragon. Do Xiaofeng lottery website before I clear the system through the link between websites are woven, outbound links so I don’t mind our lottery website, this is in line with the user experience and search engine rules.

, found that many owners do not keep the original address out links while in the collection, the search engine for such practice is not very love. Love Shanghai love original content, I do website promotion Xiaofeng lottery, we often write something original in some Adsense network promotion link. Most of the webmaster will keep the link, but a part of the site without the original reprint articles out, this is their original default article published, but this article has been the existence of a large number of original and out to the same place, under such circumstances, the search engine will judge you for plagiarism, site is down right is the point the day and await for it.

analysis of export link effects on their own website PR value

Internet is a resource sharing platform, the article can be collected, so the search engine to see things, but please respect the original, love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm is to support the original article, so the article collected retain the original link, which is good for both sides of the site. Do Xiaofeng lottery site 贵族宝贝 link building there are a few months, when the site is just on the line without a clue for the construction of the export link, in a few months of practice, I have some practical experience and share, a summary and reflection in the analysis of some experience. My Shanghai Longfeng work, so in their own people do good I is willing to do, not only happy people happy.

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