September 4

Talk about how to find the site useful for high quality guest


can look at the following screenshot, is a Taobao customer product keyword "love Shanghai in random search warm baby what brand is good ‘



then I opened the Qihoo quiz channel, not only surprised ah, there had been so many friends here to do Taobao customers, but also search in the 360 quiz channels occupy the absolute ranking position, so, if this is an opportunity, then this opportunity has been seen. Some webmaster, the following screenshot

3B is closely related to the war, and Shanghai dragon industry, there have been a lot of combat, finally the result is no longer used 360 know love Shanghai, then ask Qihoo onto the trip, but the Q group of friends know, what we see is the situation, for example, a simple search "what brand of women’s good", get the following screenshot

now as long as there is usually a direct answer, answer machine Qihoo quiz, then these questions directly to occupy the position, the high weight of Qihoo ask, have to say good by the way, if the Qihoo now ask answer is a being of Amoy to promote it, then I believe that over time, more and more guest will also pour into the channel.

remember the time used to be some webmaster forum spam harassment, because at night no one on duty, it was released a lot of junk information, second days will directly see too much information, due to the weight of the webmaster forum. "


has deep feelings, why? Because now Taobao customers has become more and more difficult, to see an article "Taobao ban cashback class Taobao guest motivation and ambition is very clear, Taobao is to let guest have a better, more recently, also thinking more Amoy, this article, from the author’s own point of view to look at how to make high quality website for Amoy useful, hope to useful friends.

2) Taobao guest, who is telling the

in our life, the most concern is what brand, what is released, but, if you look carefully, what is these motives? It is that we can use the forum to do well this guest, we let the members of the forum to understand. On the other hand can do keyword ranking (by weight of this forum), the premise is that you are providing some good content, otherwise, will kick off.

1) competition focuses on the Internet, such as the 3B war, using Qihoo quiz page


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