September 4

Preparation methods and matters needing attention on page keywords

"is an old growth to talk about things, then how to write web keywords? We should also pay attention to what issues in the preparation process? Let me make a discussion:

first, we must pay attention to one principle: "the keywords must be closely related to the current page, if we write the list page, keywords, must be closely related to the contents of the current column; if we close our home page keywords highlight the theme of the station. Sounds very fuzzy, we give a example to understanding it, such as "I love the game network" keyword page keywords, keywords I love game homepage are fun stand-alone game, stand-alone game download, stand-alone game download ranking, stand-alone game download base; all of which are key words keywords a single game, I love game network itself is a professional atlaslootwow resource station, undoubtedly these keywords are closely linked to the theme, another aspect of these keywords and user search habits, so as long as I love the game will these words can do love Shanghai through the optimization of the first page of the rankings, so I love network game can obtain a fairly good value flow. Then I’ll analyze, we are only the keyword approach? Of course not, we can also take the principle of love Shanghai word set of keywords keywords so that there will be C combinations of the. I love the game network can also how to write words? Specific keywords: single game downloads, ranking, ranking, then download base; combination number of the key words of the C5, for example, stand-alone game download, stand-alone game rankings, stand-alone game rankings, stand-alone game download single base. The game download ranking, stand-alone game download charts,…; certainly do not belong to the user’s search habits is not listed, then we list how many keywords is right? We suggest 1-5 is generally more appropriate than why,? If we will be a web page keywords as our weight is 100 points, then you are the 4 key words, the weight of each respectively occupy 25%, if it is two, then we take each keyword weight score of 50%. It also needs a bit of attention, the display order of each keyword is all about, that is usually what we call "keyword priority, so how to judge our key priority.

page keywords? Keywords Keywords

website is actually some phrases and idioms or phrases, words are divided into short tail keywords and long tail keywords, then what is the short tail key, what is called the long tail keywords? This problem you can click my Sina post "what is the long tail keywords and short tail keywords, what are the advantages and disadvantages of:贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/s/blog_6870de740100j0ks.html?" so, we in the end how to write a

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