September 5

On the user’s thinking makes keyword search habits


user experience is the webmaster has been studied, since the search engine optimization is to actively cooperate with the taste of the search engine, now love Shanghai algorithm is constantly changing, in order to better make the user experience the piece, such as web traffic, traffic from the web pages, IP and PV can see these specific the data, a good web site, the user experience is absolutely do good. Now that the keyword search habits, one is from the user’s point of view, to meet the needs of users, the site for the user to solve the question is a good website; then the keywords really can affect the user experience of

in fact, many hospitals now is to take the quiz statement to update the article, this class is keywords, types of questions such as: "which Beijing family hospital breast?" as key words of this type generally relatively unpopular, but the conversion rate is still relatively high, so we see a lot of medical sites have articles like this a:


whether in addition to engage in Shanghai Longfeng foreign friends will enter the keywords? Is not, as long as we do not know of an industry, will use this way to search, search out the answer to this form of questions and answers, are generally more accurate, now medical websites have specialized experts to answer such questions; just medical websites will use this form to search for life, many times will use this form to find the answer you want, for example: wash the rice to wash, how many times? What is the reason the computer can not boot and so on?. Personally feel that the multi site similar question has several advantages:

three, in line with the user taste: improve your bounce rate

enterprise website because the updated content is small, I specially set up a Q & A area, which not only can solve the needs of users, and can update the article, using the user’s tone to ask questions and their careful to answer, this pseudo original out most of the article will soon be included, questions and answers in the form of the article, in fact according to the views of others and thinking of asking questions, this article can solve most of the needs of users, love the reason why Shanghai is recognized, personally think that is love Shanghai for a certain user experience.

two, the degree of competition in small high conversion rate of

love >



To optimize the long tail keywords this form by


, a question and answer form to be included in

, to be much lower absolute competitiveness, such as: Changsha and Changsha the wedding photography wedding photography shop? Although the previous word search volume is much more than the latter, but also competition is higher than the latter; to ask questions of the general form of the user compared with the demand, so the long tail keywords this form of relatively high conversion rate, and is suitable for various types of websites.

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