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Let the pictures speak for your website

"Doutushidai tell you: keep up with the pace of

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reduce the repetition, combined with the alt attribute identification

with logic and rules. The picture is not optimized to insert a picture in the article, and then set the keyword search can be. It has its own logic and rules, we should not only add pictures in the web page to meet user needs, but also through some necessary optimization settings to meet the demand of image search engine, to improve the site’s ranking. The author will briefly explain.

"picture is truth" in the era of network words between users in a popular, from another point of view reflects the user on the picture of the rigid demand. Compared with the rigid text, users tend to use pictures to convey some information. For example, double eleven day, 35 billion 19 million Alipay turnover refresh all the records in previous years. This information combined with bold and simple pictures, is not more to give users a visual stimulus? Plus to Jingdong, Taobao, Dangdang and other various is the percentage for the pie chart analysis is not clear the relationship between

not instant success, note the number and size of

Note that not too much time to add site?

don’t ignore the size of the picture on the site open speed influence. Many webmaster friends in the processing of images, the size of the picture cut forget to compress pictures. Especially the original pictures of the urgent needs of the webmaster friends, often through the camera to upload pictures. Most people forget to deal with the consequences of the image size, pixel camera as can be imagined. If you are a user, open a website, pictures, let you in front of the computer "trance", you will love this

Shanghai dragon ?

in the page you need more pictures, or do you think these pictures to show you want to express, users can also to attract, so it is not impossible. But it should be noted that, to avoid the suspicion of keyword stuffing. In many pictures of a web page, the ALT keyword set of pictures, not all throughout the (very high degree of repetition or unified editing). For example, you are on the website in several original articles, there are.

If I have to

in the picture, a lot of redundancy pictures is very friendly to the search engine. Unless you are like the Pinterest web site, in the form of a waterfall flows as the highlight of the show. In addition, recommended the site for pictures like atlas in form, in the search engine can get good rankings show.

optimization recently seems to come to an awkward gray area. The search engines continue to progress, constantly changing and upgrading algorithm, many webmaster friends have said no way. Another angle to think, pressure is the driving force, only continuous innovation, improvement, your site may have talent shows itself. The era of information technology, make the site pictures for you to "talk".

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