September 5

How to write love Shanghai keyword promotion

2. search terms report:

keyword is a core part of Shanghai bidding for love!, chosen keywords, bidding success half! So how to find high quality keywords here? Small head bidding software Xiaobian to introduce several, I usually choose keywords in weapon, is actually a simple introduction of several tools and experience, and its characteristics.

when these keywords in large quantities, that can be downloaded, remove the account has some keywords, then add classification. Well of course is also very important negative keywords

features: love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search words, fully embodies the love of Shanghai to know more Chinese character and pay attention to Chinese search habits: fast and simple, is not willing to think about, afraid of trouble! The drop-down box and relevant search words, simple and fast tracking the needs of users, so that we can accurately cover the

6. personal experience:


1. love Shanghai for the background, keyword recommended tools:

drop-down box and relevant search words 3. words:

! ! !

drop-down box and relevant search words, each sex Shanghai bidding staff will do, so this part of the word, the competition is very big, want to have a good effect, the rest depends on the quality of keywords optimization ability and bid.


features: easy to get users to search keywords quality strong intention.

finally summarize, and put love Shanghai for keywords, and many of the specific.


keyword recommended tools can be selected in the search keywords added account page or a single unit! Can use 贵族宝贝aliyun贵族宝贝/zixun/aggregation/11238.html" > love Shanghai promotion assistant, basically the same effect, but also more convenient


this is more difficult to explain, said the need to continue long-term focus and experience, to determine the need to competitors do not, and the transformation effect is good! Do not explain, you find

if the account key delivery strategy is based on the number of keywords for the number of clicks, can choose keywords it recommended area. If you rely on a small number of keywords to match the show, according to the degree of competition, select the keyword search number > 10 words.

can search at any time for Internet users, report will show what keywords, no added account. These words are obvious quality of Internet search keywords, so we can choose to add these keywords account is not so accurate, high quality.

features: love Shanghai auction with keyword recommended tools, like Shanghai’s own thing, quite accurate, the number of keywords is very large, wide coverage, basically have keywords.

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