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How to let the spider crawl the content more

ideas and practice have a case, you have to see carefully to do. The article by HUAWEI c8812 package 贵族宝贝 feeds, please indicate the source, thank you.

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million people today’s article, in fact these are long ago published articles, but the date is today only, commonly known as "a superficial reform". To do so is to let the search engine grab more content.

website is most likely to be crawling crawling. We just know, however, is not to think carefully about the why. In addition to the reason of the directory hierarchy, there are other factors affecting the results. I came here to share their personal opinions, of course, the author is involved in the promotion of the site to see the results to share these factors. These ideas just understand, believe it or not by you.

two, the weight of the chance to show

We all know that the

website homepage is often called the information content, so that search engines often have fresh content can crawl, and then enter the web crawling. Enterprise website page often is immutable and frozen, how to change the

, a change in the home page

well, the high weight of the page in the search engine results page to show love Shanghai opportunity is more, resulting in a series of "butterfly effect". Some people for the high weight of the anchor text page to add more to guide the spider crawling, this is a very common practice. A similar situation is often the thread seize the 2 floor, the 3 floor of the Shanghai dragon optimization approach is a bit like relationship. So now we come to discuss the fundamental problems, how to improve the page weight. The first reaction is the chain of. The detail operation can be said to be Links. If we can do Links to home, why not give the column list page Links? Don’t say difficult, just to watch you go not to do the problem. For example, you can look at this site operation is such.

can do two things: 1, for the website page increase date and time, this is always changing. 2, the home call today popular articles: this must be explained under the so-called hot today is just the date is today, and the content of this article is to the. This is like the following picture:

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