September 6

The META label magical benefits


META label can be said to play an important role in a web page, Shanghai dragon friends all know if you in the search engine input a keyword, the search engine will retrieve millions or even tens of millions out of the relevant page, you can see above shows a title page content title is a web page, the descriptive text is description content or extracted from a text in the first paragraph of the content is the following: for example

The above

we see the relatively large font is the title, is described below. You can see the title of the website has too many keywords, not very reasonable, generally MET>

of course, the Netcraft survey also shows that in most of the network in the world to occupy a space for one person how hard it is, the competition is less than our current civil service examination. It reminds me of a Chinese student say: "in a foreign country a very ordinary girl there will be a lot of boys chasing, because its are also limited!". In view of this, to make a website in the background of increasingly fierce competition, get a good ranking in the search engine is the need of Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster friends study hard, only to find a good method of good way, will be in an invincible position in the competition.

I graduated from University of Shanghai Longfeng directly into this industry, working for three years, greatly small website management also had one or two three, did not dare to experience is very rich, but it can be said from the management and operation of the site also summarizes some experience. We all know that the site optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization from the station optimization, and can optimize the project of many small segments, such as the optimization of the META tag, and META tag use today talk about head in using the method.


with the development of network and information era, more and more people are aware of the network gradually affect people and change people’s lives and shopping habits, which makes some far sighted people see the future network will occupy the leading position in people’s daily life, the use of the network can be found entrepreneurial wealth channel. According to the Internet monitoring company Netcraft the latest survey data show that the network has more than 500 million sites. The Web server to investigate the company in October this year, received a response from the 504082040 sites, compared to September increased by about 18 million sites, growth rate of nearly 3.8%. This proves that it is because of the convenience of the Internet, people can communicate with the audience using the website to facilitate the exchange, free and information network, can bring great business opportunities. There is a very important point, that is the future of the network world will be filled with more and more sites.

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