September 6

The new development of the modernization of Shanghai Dragon marketing road

and Shanghai dragon industry in each industry is a new industry, but now also have decades of development. Today, Shanghai dragon industry is no longer the user’s mind mysterious maze of forest, but who can be a common field of foot. For users, the service provider is Shanghai Longfeng workers, and they are "god". It can be said that in the last ten years, Shanghai dragon industry to achieve the dominant position from the station to the user’s conversion. But Shanghai dragon skills in these years did not appear very big change, because many sites are not eager to update, so it is hard to age behind them. The K station is Shanghai storm love gave a slap in the face, in fact, was because there must be fruit. This is a warning to the Webmaster: Shanghai dragon development has embarked on a modernization way of marketing, then do not change the ideological change, the times will be discarded. So how should Shanghai Longfeng modern marketing? The truth is simple, to see how to operate.

in Shanghai Longfeng years of development, Shanghai dragon industry has successfully realized the subject from Shanghai dragon ER to user change, at this time, the service will need to change. The first to do out of the site, such as Sohu and other portals, are based on the output information is the main way of information output only. But these years, the knowledge level of people’s education level have been greatly improved, whether official or private experts grassroots experts, all meet the eye everywhere. A joke, the expert is the most worthless things this time. Most Internet users have been all kinds of information for the bombing was very tired and fatigue had the habit of. At this time, the site will need to weaken their function, no longer in a dominant position, and to be in a position to provide services. For example, this is embarrassing 100 the winners, from providing audit to joke joke, by all the users to achieve, it actually meets the user wants to stand in the leading position of the psychological. A new generation of users ages are relatively small, is the love received gaze, attention is a generation, so need special attention. Therefore, although many people think that is just accidentally found embarrassing 100 an innovation, even the first joke that is so lazy to a website, but in fact it is very much in line with modern user psychology. Website content rich user credit, and for users, the site is like your raised children, the website and the user can do the real integration.

Shanghai dragon industry in essence is a kind of information transmission industry, Shanghai dragon ER is by selling information for students. But for users, already tired of the passive position. The effectiveness of information transmission is not only decided by the initiative, a factor of the audience is also very important. Available >


subject position conversion from information input to provide information platform for

focus on two-way communication of information, reduce the users and website from

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