September 6

The Shanghai dragon in the chain need to pay attention to the problem

three, do not frequent in a directory search page and directory page links, the general situation, whether it is CMS or blog procedures, will be in the text position will have directory links, such as the current location, and the side column classification list, such as more frequent join the list page links in the page will only make frequent search engine links the accumulation of feeling. This also belongs to a category of excessive optimization. Of course, if there will be a list of keywords page naturally in this paper, this is the ideal insertion.

actually, all within the site chain problems in the case, are often kept copy, paste and forcibly insert keywords. Or through the software and the formation of the operation, operation process, chain, we should try to avoid such a situation, because the development of software industry in Shanghai and Phoenix, in the era of the past is for artificial live, we only have in their stand a little more time, or spend some thoughts. Pay more attention to the search engine, can be through the algorithm and distinguish. There must be a harvest, and pay more will harvest more.

4. not in each have the same keyword link to the directory page; we should pursue a wide range of text links, as well as the anchor text link points to a place, this behavior is also belong to excessive optimization. So we’re going to the same page can use different keywords to link, if >

two, don’t be too, the home page to keyword links, in the analysis of many sites down the right case, many of which are in frequent joining page home page link to (including my original site: is also within the pages of text at home due to the frequent link search engine drop right) in fact, this is not necessary, there is no need to appear in the first link in each page, for if you rely on the page to improve the weights of the home page is included in the page, the home page link to join, this link may appear only once and for all the pages, need only 30% page to page of links, much of it will cause the search engine antipathy.

Shanghai dragon circles spread a classic: the chain is king, the chain for the emperor, the US needs to pay attention to the construction of the chain of Shanghai dragon, this time we can talk about the Shanghai dragon in the chain need to pay attention to the problem and how to effect within the chain to maximize.

, a page of the link must be reasonable, the best effect is the inside pages of the target page and this page requires a certain correlation, but not to insert key link, for this practice effect in Shanghai and know their love Wikipedia link prominent is more obvious, if a page written this article is about A, in the chain of deliberately added B, transfer the weight is not very high, so the correlation between the chain of the article is very important, it will have a good effect for the

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