September 6

Web site keywords ranking drop very worried these suggestions will help you find the direction

today, this article is not too much but to write some of the more dry cargo, it suggested the text, and also hope you can have a boss and enterprise of understanding and awareness of certain. In addition: if your web site keywords ranking drop or weight drop, can try to consider the A5 Adsense Nets Official features of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services is also possible. About the proposal, below I simply say that:

A5 Huang Zhong is usually in the process and the webmaster of the exchange, often found the problem, but I did not give their sites do check, but tell them: website ranking drop or just fell, so don’t confound, after all we do is Shanghai dragon, ranking rose to have fall. But sometimes a part of the site keywords ranking drop, another part of the rankings are normal things, especially the decline in several or a dozen. More important is: if you want to rank just down, quickly find reasons, more than to observe the. Of course, if most of the keyword ranking fell at the same time, you can only say that the website search engine is likely to be punished, or that the search engine algorithm of a change affecting the overall ranking of your site. In addition, if taking into account the boss is not satisfied with the decline in ranking, you can explain to the boss.

work in the business owners or commissioner Shanghai Longfeng will have such a habit: every day the site keywords ranking data recorded in the table, then every day to observe the keywords ranking whether there is up or down, and some enterprises will form data as KPI examination. So the question is, if one day a part of the ranking keywords increased suddenly, you may smile; but as a sudden drop in rankings, you may be wrong, even in the webmaster forums, QQ group, WeChat webmaster for seeking causes or solutions. Finally, possible and

the WeChat public number on almost every day will receive some webmaster message, simple screening, found that the part is the keywords ranking drop problem. For example: keyword ranking, ranking suddenly disappeared suddenly fell 100 outside, or yesterday, keywords ranking in the home today went to the dozens of pages of the wonderful variety of problems. Then, from the problem can be seen: some enterprises may encounter similar keywords ranking drop, will confound the moment I do not know how to deal with it. Today, A5 Huang Zhong told you webmaster and enterprise boss simple chat.

why? The reason is simple: because sometimes the decline in ranking is because the search engine algorithm caused by the change of the search engine.


first, if you encounter a keyword ranking overall decline, I suggest you to halt the troops and wait for about a month, maybe second weeks is beginning to recover, but you have to rush to a month’s time to observe, and in the observation period must not to modify the site.

, a keyword ranking overall decline, the first observation of a month

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