September 6

The station group website ranking optimization strategy

station group’s main purpose is to through the search engine to get a lot of traffic or one-way links to the main station, improve the site rankings by weight transfer way. Station group marketing strategy is the optimization strategy in previous years to senior Shanghai dragon Er is common, but due to the search engine to enhance the user experience, will have this kind of station group is defined as cheating, the group is standing by K. Even under such circumstances, there are still Shanghai dragon Er using stations do optimization, and no search engine K station, what is the reason? Today I Dennis Website Optimization Website optimization is the wise remark of an experienced person to share the station group strategy.

5, an unlimited amount of Pan domain. When the station group in the domain of choice, in order to save costs would choose the pan domain, using the two domain names do a lot, so easily by the search engine.

Because of the advantages of

1, unified template. Station group is in the service station, so many sub stations without the use of a customized template template, imagine hundreds of thousands of people to use the same template, the site will be affected.

content of 2, acquisition of sub station. The sub station is mainly to bring to the master station and one-way links, content updates in sub number by software acquisition batch update form is very easy to search engine recognition.

3, the number of suspicious one-way links. The function of group sub station is like the master transfer weight, and want to do master station quantum one-way links pointing to the home page, will be considered to be abnormal.

4, sub station number is too large. Even the "path", stations still need to maintain, in order to facilitate the sub station maintenance, often buy a domain name and space in the same service, and has links with the master station.

with the search engine to improve the performance, for this type of cheating type station group judgment rate has been as high as 99%, so many "brilliant" temporary station group marketing dismal. A summary of the author, this class is K stations are short reasons, mainly in five aspects:

rush into danger station, there are still a lot of ER for Shanghai dragon, but also get a good effect. This station group learned above the "lessons", whether it is in the position or the number has its own unique system. According to the latest search engine algorithm, swarm strategy is not confined to the same industry but the content correlation ecosystem the new station can be auxiliary industry and related industries, which can avoid the phenomenon caused by the low experience similar miscellaneous station. Station group do not have to do much, but requires no sub station to treat as host.

First of all we want to know why

will use the station group to do optimization, mainly to the chain, regardless of the value chain are more difficult to obtain what time it is high. The chain is the most common in the chain, but it gets to consult, the coefficient of difficulty there is to let the others in the website one-way links to websites, so the higher the coefficient of difficulty. Station group is also spotted this was there.


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