September 7

Analysis of several in keyword ranking optimization technique is easy to ignore

3: when the release of the chain, as far as possible should be gradual, not too frequent today released hundreds, then a week are not released, then the hundreds is rather baffling, this publication has no law, may not be a short time to make love Shanghai anti sense, but a long time, no doubt the site into the sandbox sandbox can release and assessment, rare!

2: in addition to the original content, but also know how to integrate Web site keywords and keywords, if sell slimming products, but the content is some knowledge of stocks, this degree of original content is again good, also won’t let the spider love Shanghai concern, because the love Shanghai spiders crawl web content, we must first determine correlation between content and site, if not related, the content included the possibility is very low! Since.

1: learn the master key is divided into a plurality of long tail keywords, realize the diversification of keywords, break up the whole into parts, of course, this diversity is not required to split the keywords you without limit, it becomes too scattered, but caused bad effect! So, here is a key factor is moderate!

1: Web content optimization is often the amount of attention, but not pay attention to quality, a lot of love collecting or false original, so for a new character, what is almost no help, in the website of Shanghai dragon optimization, must let the spider know love Shanghai, your website content is of great help to the user and you, the content is original, is the love of spiders in Shanghai have not seen before, so the content can be qualified!

2: the chain release site, as far as possible and their website has certain relevance, it is preferred to find the chain, of course, for some types of websites on the Internet may, rarely, or other sites did not want to let you release the chain, even if the money does not work, then try to find other types of sites and their website content there is a certain correlation between the channels, release the chain in these channels, the effect can be, for the chain that wide net type release, of course also have the effect, but must pay attention to the net station is rubbish station, whether it is K station. If you encounter these platforms, but let the Shanghai dragon optimization effect!

two: content optimization easy to ignore the skill of

: the construction of the chain is easy to ignore the skill of

for the love of Shanghai began to strictly control the bidding after the news spread like wildfire, and many Shanghai Longfeng optimization work well as I was secretly pleased, because less competitive rankings, Shanghai dragon optimization effect will be more obvious! So many owners would like me, often patronize the owners of the house, hoping to learn more about web site optimization knowledge from Chinaz, based on their own experience, it is easy to raise the website keywords ranking techniques they ignore the stationmaster friend!

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