September 7

A major point of Er to Shanghai Longfeng two problems encountered in traditional enterprises


, the companies that spend so much money to please this person, isn’t cost-effective

of course, the traditional enterprises will Shanghai Longfeng professional recruit, the daily work is to optimize the site, to say the words segmentation includes: data analysis, content optimization, chain construction, product promotion, website maintenance, it is necessary for today’s traditional business professional personnel of Shanghai dragon phoenix. Many people may be optimized in traditional enterprises will see these deeply feeling, why do I say their work and so similar, but not every business so I can’t guarantee, I only know the website optimization of many traditional enterprises are so some work, no more, no less. So, from this we can see that if a professional point of Shanghai Longfeng personnel to a traditional enterprise work standard will meet these two questions: 1, companies that spend so much money to optimize personnel, the cost is not worthwhile, after all, Shanghai dragon can not quickly effective, nor can quickly bring order ", 2, the Shanghai dragon personnel only in the service of an enterprise, feel the energy used up, the development of space is limited, not to mention the Shanghai dragon ranking is always ranked in the SEM after". So, I believe that it is not only the two problems now say, is many enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have encountered problems, because I also stayed in the enterprise, this also know. Following on from the A5 Huang Zhonglai to discuss the two problem and all practitioners.

first, the companies that spend so much money to please the cost of such person, feel very worthwhile, after all, do not see Shanghai Longfeng fast effect, also can quickly bring order, so some enterprise boss will consider the situation, and then to Shanghai dragon people control the amount of wages. In addition, some business owners will also consider so, originally enterprises have been burned again later did not burn the bidding bidding, invited a professional staff of Shanghai Longfeng but then vote for money in >

with the rapid development of Internet, the traditional Internet companies pay more attention to the importance of the enterprise, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet, some still use the traditional marketing companies have also begun mood.according through mobile Internet marketing. So far, according to incomplete statistics, in any city Chinese in traditional enterprises have begun to use the Internet in the online website, through the website to integrate the enterprise culture, information, products, and unified packaged on the website and show to the user. Take Jiangsu Xuzhou three line city, there are 95% traditional enterprises are using websites to bring order for the enterprise, so the Internet for traditional marketing is one thing that can not be ignored. Therefore, the traditional enterprise since the enterprise website, then you have to make the website on the Pentium in the search engine, so that the majority of users through the search more keywords to find websites and promote consumption, so enterprises started to recruit professional (non professional) Shanghai Longfeng personnel.

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