September 7

Analysis of treatment measures included extremely slow website content update

second, website space problems. When the content of the website included speed is not ideal and site open speed and stability are closely related, because love in Shanghai often visit your site, the open error, or open the phenomenon is extremely slow, will naturally reduce the love come to your website in Shanghai again, this will affect for normal included site.

solve this problem is the most direct way is to replace the more rapid and stable space, although this kind of space to produce a fee, usually only need to increase one hundred to two hundred yuan, the overall price is not high, so from the point of view, the price of space with high quality and stable and fast higher. This needs to find brand IDC suppliers, focus on access to space bandwidth and the number of online at the same time, these will be the speed and stability of the site’s influence on

first, the website weight is not high. Website weight is not high usually on the new site or after a period of operation, the site is down right, this kind of website. The new site since Needless to say, because of love for Shanghai new site audit or the need for a cycle, but to a drop right site, you want to make your site included speed that is very difficult. Of course, it is not the solution, the solution of the two types of sites are analyzed.

For many

sites, although their every day to update various high quality content, and even reprint articles also were signed, but included in the site speed is very slow, and even many times the content of the website has not included, which will undoubtedly reduce the website on the Internet exposure, so want to increase website traffic becomes very difficult.

for new sites, then immediately to its site to love Shanghai love Shanghai submitted through the website to submit the entrance, the first to let love Shanghai can immediately know your site, then it is possible to your web site to see related content, which included. Then nature is to regularly update the content, and regularity, but also need to maintain a high quality, although this time do not often come to love Shanghai, but will find there are a lot of content, this time to stimulate the love of Shanghai upgrade into the site frequency, will also continue to enhance the speed of collection. The last is to increase the construction of the high quality of the chain, the other sites recommend Shanghai to let love new website regularly, so as to enhance the content included speed.

so what is the reason for the content of the website included slow update and is stable in the website, and the premise of quality is not low, this author believes that the main factors are reflected in the following:

for the right down the website, the first thing to do is to analyze the cause of love Shanghai site is down right, then these reasons are eliminated, then the new site with the idea of optimization optimization, usually after a period of time, the weight of the website will be restored, then the content of the site speed also included will therefore improve.

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