September 7

Deep analysis and submit malpractice love Shanghai love Shanghai seconds of the implementation metho

algorithm of different links to the railway station, Shanghai, love and love to the Shanghai algorithm of spider crawling. If you submit love Shanghai, love Shanghai that you this station is a railway station. For new sites, love Shanghai will have an algorithm called love for Shanghai station algorithm. Shanghai will not immediately release the love to the railway station, but the calculation of a period of time, if this time found the new station is really good, will release; if you love Shanghai found the new general situation, but not as garbage station, then it will end time after release; if this new found love Shanghai worse, it will put the new sites in limbo. 20 days and this time is what we usually talk about. Love Shanghai to spider crawling on direct link to evaluate the quality of being called link quality algorithm. After the link quality algorithm, if it is found the link quality score is high, will be immediately released, if it is found that the link quality score is very low, so it will remove the link from your list. We note that the link quality algorithm refers to the links, can also be 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/announce/1.html in this page.


two seconds, love Shanghai. You may have seen the very love seconds of Shanghai. But now I want to tell you is true love Shanghai seconds, can be realized immediately or within 10 minutes of collection included.

as a new station, one of the most common way is to love Shanghai. I suggest that you do not submit the following in-depth analysis of love Shanghai, love Shanghai why do not submit.

above the sea, is actually in love with the second principle, good at Shanghai Longfeng comrades through the above analysis, get the correct method of sex Shanghai seconds. In order to let the novice can master this method. The following details, specifically love Shanghai seconds.


3 web page to do to enrich the need to ensure that website a few absolute original articles. If it is a blog, original articles can also be.

6, to lead the spider. To the second place can lead spider, so as to achieve the website seconds. Second >

must ensure that the space is relatively stable, and the site open speed is faster, less than 5S.


5, the objective is to ensure that the spiders can crawl to crawl, and if, must comply with the link of high quality standard. After the completion of robots, remove the shielding spider code.


2, check the site after the completion of the site meets high quality standards. There is no such as keyword stuffing, dead link is very much, the advertisement is too much, if you do Taobao, Taobao passenger link is the original link form, whether there is love Shanghai banned words, whether using the default template.


1, robots website to shield the spider, avoid lying in the gun.

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