September 7

360 search believe you

life is so strange, even in the Internet world. Remember how many years ago, my computer never installed about 360 of all software and applications, I don’t know what influenced, and maybe the teacher said that "360 is from rogue software start" on it, but I think this sentence is really made me not shallow, I do not show that I don’t have time for 360 regret, I mean to explain: I don’t want to misunderstand a rising, a full of vitality and enterprising brand experience.

some time ago, but to the large Webmaster Platform learning, do not browse to the 360 and who lawsuit, oh no, who is who and the 360 lawsuit! See the results, first saw the 360 Lost, feel like excusable, because the 360 rise too fast like a shell, but often see this the results, I do not think so, we have witnessed the progress of his 360 products, but why there are so many lawsuits to suppress the 360 step by step, even competitors, can not be so.

well, pull away, since we are engaged in the Shanghai dragon, we still talk about the 360 search, I believe that the 360, because I think that one day, 360 search will soar, even if not so, also can let love Shanghai hit back.

is now at this time, the search has 360 out of shape, but has not been perfect. 360 search Webmaster Platform formally launched in 2013 at the end of January, I usually love to experience new things, so I feel a bit, I feel that 360 is indeed doing user security, site security monitoring, speed monitoring, PLING monitoring and so on these functions, really let me change the previous view for 360.

when the 360 search product line quietly after a year, it means that sooner or later, and now the leader of Shanghai love to compete. Clever 360 sure, but very low-key, I think this step go very well, because I’m not too strong, but everywhere weakness, to strong, even though I love to beat Shanghai, I will let you off a layer of skin, in the presence of scores of heart for many years, always broke out in one day. And this, love Shanghai but is not so generous, love Shanghai aware of the 360 series of search will take the safe route, because it is her expertise, then love Shanghai start when you do not, released the search for security alliance, 360’s attitude is: not you.

360 search low-key, it is to the future war, is to accumulate steadily, husband also can take temporary setbacks, so I support him.

360 search

1. hard practice

2.360 search growth period

I think this is a good starting point 360, the introduction of these functions also maintained a low profile, I sometimes.

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