September 8

Shanghai Longfeng improvement is worth Er attention to what the details of the conversion of the web

as everyone knows, website optimization is a gradual process, constantly changing, any one site from the first line to the keyword analysis, website construction, content construction, the construction of the chain are waiting to undergo a very complicated period of time, we can see from the above several processes all around the site keywords ranking to the collation and analysis of ideas, but I think that the site before the line, to improve the conversion rate of the points of the website we may have to pay more attention, because only in the specific user requirements of the premise, to build a high conversion website, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization or maintenance is worth mentioning the most efficient, good gossip short Syria, improve site conversion rate what details today I mainly share with you Worthy of attention.

first, to know the type of user visit is to enhance the conversion rate of the most basic work. Many times we mainly through the network keyword for the user to grasp the general judgment, the virtual network largely caused by the user for the true idea we often can not fully understand. I believe that in this case, we can according to the access needs of business software analysis assigned some users, such as the 53 customer service, QQ business software to wait, especially for medical sites but the user put forward their own problems, we should not only from the angle of the other than as to recommend suitable products, but also to understand how to service consumption? What is the specific time we go to the hospital diagnosis? There are still those concerns and so on. Not wantonly recommend our medical products, for medical site consultation and communication needs of this link is very important. Through this link, record the way visiting visitors, visitors what is the common problem, only the real front line through the network customer service.

is a web site from the beginning of the line, we have been compared and analyzed, such as competitor analysis, analysis of construction content, without exception, purpose is hope that through the user’s grasp, build in line with the needs of users, in line with the user experience of the website, but our analysis of possible deviations in many cases, the main from the details to the user really pays attention to not consider the very thoughtful, many of the primary optimization personnel is usually eyebrows beard, as long as the fish are taken out, the result is likely to cause such was caught fish, laborious without success. Here we review the optimization of veteran thinking. To many, quality is the first number is the second main optimization idea. Mainly in the mining and Analysis on the long tail keywords, through small and fine ideas, enhance the overall site quality and weight in the weight stable, then the crucial competition for higher flow of words, I think that no matter how we realize the optimization of their own ideas, all to the user as the core, only the establishment of do the service user can better in the transformation of value flow, bring tangible benefits for the web site. The author through the following points and we discuss the following.

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