September 8

Site optimization of the high quality of the chain how to do




website was basically some of the garbage outside the chain, there is no sense of what was outside the chain! May in the short term will let you have a website rankings, but after a search engine after the update, because the garbage outside the chain of high quality, have been K off, so to love Shanghai, ranking will fall, then, what is the chain of garbage? How to identify the garbage outside the chain? So here is, the chain of garbage is mainly reflected in the following:

2, we have to reply in the content and theme of completely unrelated, such as you have to reply is "next, passing, drifting… Like.." replies have brought the links are junk links! Generally speaking, we do have to link replies are relying on BBS signature to finish, when you create a signature links do not use "passing across," this kind of words, you should have just sketched certification posts, seriously treat you well! Post back value will also gain more weight, if you just look for the theme, hastily replies without any contribution, so this post the link is not what value, no contribution to spam links

correlation, correlation is refers to and you do website content, the same industry or similar industry website, is associated with the web site, such as I made a network technology in this field, then the website associated with the website must be based on the network technology exchange type website, in our understanding, in a web site to your site to do a chain is the site to your site cast in a ticket, so if there is strong correlation and the same industry website for your vote, it must be non industry website for you to vote more so, with authority? Correlation between the website set up outside the chain of quality.


3, such as the use of BBS top stick machine, bulk software bulk advertising posts with garbage is the basic link of spam links! Because you have a lot of mass posts first are not what the value of advertising, the repeatability is high, and can use the forum message post forum software is basically some unmanned management site or some no weight to the railway station, and once found will be deleted by the administrator, so do the chain stability is poor

4, in some blogs, message board message chain, in a large number of low weight website content not be outside the chain, so how to wait! For his site to establish high quality to the chain? Here we simply need to write some high quality outside the chain construction method

has strong correlation to the chain

link! ! First,

11, we send a post, post which is basically no content, the basic content is the chain! Such a link is belong to junk links, because the search engine is facing the user, because the content of the user does not have value, then, the search engine will deweight, K out of this kind of rubbish

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