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Talent website optimization scheme included and keyword analysis

1, talent website description tags: website content detailed explanation. Good that can bring traffic.

three, increase user experience, reduce the rate of jump out and so on;

The structure of

talent website optimization from two aspects of narrow sense and broad sense that the talents of special site optimization, search engine optimization, also is to let the talent website design for search engine retrieval, satisfy the search engine ranking index, thus obtained in the search engine ranking, enhance the effectiveness of search engine marketing. The generalized optimization site of human factors to consider not only the search engine, but also fully meet the needs of users, clear site navigation, perfect online help, on the basis of the website function and information play effect. It is based on enterprise web site, and Internet service providers (such as search engines), various factors to establish a good relationship partners, customers, suppliers, vendors and other network marketing environment.

six, talent website content page optimization (key word long tail flow)

2, talent website title must appear keywords, not too much attention. General enough 30 words;

, but not in order to improve the optimization of talent website ranking optimization, optimization includes:

3, talent website code: the code should be simple. With the general CSS+div, the stylesheet method for external calls, and the website of the JS documents are the external call;


4, the long tail word: website long tail words bring traffic the sum of far more than the target keywords, so the site is effective to increase the flow to the long tail word.

talent website optimization is a great concept, not what the specific patterns, usually with your website to consider overall optimization scheme designed to

2, talent website: tree structure clarity will make search referrals easily crawling;

3, the keywords you talent website with H B, until the label is aggravating, know that this is the keyword search;

two, probably

4, to label target keywords written in, generally do not exceed 5.

four, talent website,

Operation method: The internal anchor text of

1, talent website content: the key to optimization is to improve the quality of the content, the content of high quality is the key to keep the long-term ranking website;

talent website optimization has become an inevitable requirement of network marketing strategy. If the embodiment of website optimization and search engine optimization without the basic idea of talent in the construction site, it is very difficult to obtain the competitive advantage of network marketing environment a general increase in the level of network marketing.

The design of

when people want to optimize talent website >

five, external links: Links, soft, and so on;

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