September 8

Some understanding and insights into the site restoration after practice

concluded that the above is my entry for two years, some simple ideas a site recovery experience, I personally feel that the Shanghai dragon industry knowledge is very deep, need to continue to go home analysis, summary, to explore, to explore, to stable and lasting development.

Shanghai dragon

3, third, analysis, plan, summary is very important. The changing network is elusive, in Shanghai Longfeng, must continue to analyze, plan, summary, the latest optimization scheme to adapt to the change.

1, first of all, do medical Shanghai Longfeng, persevere a positive attitude is the basis of all the orderly conduct of the work of the

4, finally, execution. In order to transform ideological achievements, in the work, we must implement it in the first place, only good execution, can have the harvest.

into this industry has almost two years time, has been looking at other things, rarely take the initiative to write to share today, occasionally chat with friends when Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, suddenly had to write something.

now some understanding and views recently to share with you:

some time ago, I responsible for the maintenance of the station to appear some small problems, has been included and rankings do not go up. In order to solve this problem, I told my friends to cooperate, hoping to break through the website ranking does not go on, included unstable situation.


in this process, I think the word "Changsha painless hospital" the deepest. Remember the words Changsha painless hospital at this site, I am responsible for the ranking is not ideal, and even can be said that there is no ranking, but through the anchor text optimization, three days time, this keyword will fast rise to the home page, this results in the rankings, so difficult to do today, to me great sense of accomplishment.

site restoration, Shanghai Longfeng, no matter in what period, basic work still can not be lost.

site restoration practice


Found through the above experiments, the

2, secondly, good time management, make daily, weekly, monthly work plan, according to plan, to avoid unnecessary consumption time.

贵族宝贝csgong贵族宝贝/ I was responsible for this station, this station on the first I conducted a comprehensive analysis, found that the site included effective support of the chain has not been stable with the quality and the station outside the station too few have a close relationship. According to this discovery, I started to break from the site of the primary key, start to publish high quality in the high weight of the platform to strengthen soft, the quality of the rectification station. So, from the station in two directions with the attack. A week later, the website main keywords ranking rising, full recovery of weight.

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