September 9

How to through the phenomenon of seeking relevance outside the chain of more abundant resources

love Shanghai search engine the latest algorithm tells us that the web site outside of the chain if you can do so on its website correlation, the influence degree of non correlation to 1-3 times higher, in the face of this situation, as a webmaster should keep looking for the site outside the chain related websites, well outside the chain correlation and to ensure that the site can occupy a space for one person in the search engine, so how to quickly find the correlation between the chain website



believes that most of the webmaster have their own blog on the portal blog, the blog and website can be tied up, such as a web site we do is to expand the training site, so we can expand the training blog four words in the blog nickname plus, then every day to collect or original a training and development of relevant articles, anchor text appropriate add site and articles, this link is relatively high correlation link. For self-help blog is the webmaster can according to their own web site to build a personal independence blog, independent blog and website content can be related to the topic, and then every one on the original content into a chain, can to some extent improve the chain correlation ratio website in this way.

of different industries different industry station and forum

sharing information network classification and catalogue

chain related preferred portal blog or self-help blog

love Shanghai search engine information release algorithm revealed a great message: the forum outside the chain is not available but to use, master the chain can cause more search engine spiders crawl. So as a webmaster website in the face of their characteristics should be according to their own website industry to choose different industry website promotion and the establishment of the chain, such as our network.

chain has been given more attention to stationmaster, said many webmaster thought is rather the website does not have content can not be without the chain, we can see from the important position of the chain in the station in the eyes, but with the remediation efforts to love Shanghai search engine foreign chain and the requirement to improve, and now love Shanghai search the engine requires a lot of the construction of the chain is not corresponding to the.

is now the information classification and classification. The net have gathered a lot of information industry, no matter what kind of website can get a lot of the chain in these areas, we can see some real estate information, medical information in flood classification network, which will give a hint: is the webmaster not our website can share content to get outside the chain in the classification through the website? The fact that for some friendly content classification network are recognized and can add URL, so I suggest webmaster friends every day can be established 5-10 correlation chain to the classification in different site to the chain although such a quality is not high, but are relatively stable and love Shanghai recognized, as long as the stick will have harvest.

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