September 9

The webmaster of social media to promote you to know how much

, the development of the electricity supplier website, now to the development of social media, for the webmaster, as long as there is a new on-line platform, the webmaster to think of ways to use it, I hope it can bring promotion effect to their. The development of the social media now into each of users on social media these fiery, webmaster and know how to share blog website optimization? Know.

third: social sharing buttons promotion. Like micro-blog or the development of community website, let a lot of incidental products are developed, a lot of social sharing buttons also joined the promotion of the webmaster, in the blog using the share button to share articles to different micro-blog platform or on social networking sites, if the webmaster using this share promotion bloggers recommend the best use of the data sharing button, it can be more intuitive to see the flow point what platform brings, have the effect of the platform will continue to share, if no effect can stop the promotion platform. Share button is a lot, the webmaster can according to the actual situation of their own website, select the appropriate button to share.

second: the promotion of social video. Video to pass information to the user in a dynamic form, and video can be added to the promotion of information are many, video production can be combined with the current hot topic, some time ago the new princess pearl line, spoof video blossom everywhere, if you want your video promotion effect can be obtained, the best method is to with the popular events, making fun of the film, adding their own promotional information, so you can make users more intuitive cognition. Social video made out, but there is to think of ways to promote, how to promote the method of video blogger wrote, this is not to say, we can refer to.

fourth: the promotion of social bookmark. In fact, as early as many bookmarks promotion before the webmaster to use, basically can be said to be a rotten, now the bookmarks may no previous good. Every thing has its rules, can not say is useless, but the webmaster can’t combine promotion. Now a lot of information to the Internet, users have to find their own love to see the information in the bookmark, the webmaster can promote the use of this platform are also a lot of bookmarks 360doc.QQ bookmarks, love Shanghai collection, is a very good platform, as long as you long.

: the first micro-blog promotion. Micro-blog’s development is obvious to people, long before the owners test Sohu micro-blog, has also been a lot of experience, now Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent depends on user base development soon. Micro-blog promotion is word-of-mouth marketing, micro-blog face of user groups is very extensive, whether it is business station, electricity station, emotional station, you can find the appropriate user groups in micro-blog, so micro-blog promotion class is the webmaster to rational use. In order to promote the use of micro-blog, the condition estimation is to establish a strong foundation for the audience, and then to promote a series of process.

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