September 9

The noble baby 1 button on the heuristic search engine optimization


search engine itself is to provide information retrieval services they need for Internet users, Internet information from the vast ocean, calculating the screening using their research to develop the algorithm of rules on various websites and information, in accordance with the quality in order to provide to the user, this is the search engine working principle. But it has to push the information to the users whether "netizens appetite", really play really help, eventually also need to evaluate and respond to users. This noble baby launched the "+1" button is to allow users to personally participate in the algorithm system, so that they can be the result of scoring, but also makes the search engine to deficiencies of their algorithm of early discovery and improvement, can be said that this not only embodies the search engine is in fact for the users of the service positioning, also described in order to win the heart of the user to win the competition with their peers, the search engine giant in every hour and moment are considering how to make search results get more recognition, thus seriously do everything around the user, starting from the user to the user service concept. This search engine optimization for us, just around the search engine to ignore the user experience is very obvious to be denied, do search engine optimization and improve the user experience does not conflict, the two has a high degree of consistency.

Googe+1 button to launch both for its rich algorithm system, it provides us an understanding of the algorithm thinking, a more comprehensive understanding of it in the direction of the site ranking when calculating the trend, so that we have the opportunity to better grasp the algorithm of system coordination, has an important significance to improve the the Shanghai dragon. Recently, the comprehensive research and practice in the search engine, the new "+1" button for this, I think it has the following three aspects: the inspiration for our search engine optimization:

two, search engines and social networking tends to close

, a search engine system into user evaluation elements

the nobility baby launched the "+1" button in the work process, will pay more attention to the search of friends of the relevant content is recommended, this is because the friend.

for search engine optimization is the best site we have been pursuing the goal, but generally speaking we are always behind the search engine and a bit late, after all, they are the rule makers, as well as the noble baby said to launch the "+1" button now in reality, first used English version of the noble baby, I believe in the near future will be extended to other languages, including Chinese noble baby, webmasters have code can be used to the new functions added to the site, the use of noble baby search users can "+1" evaluation on this website bring a new basis for the search engine algorithm, this is we have to seriously study for us in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of people A new topic.

The existing significance and value of the

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