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So exchange Links these stationmaster integrity where

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after the search link platform, easy to find and his PR quite, quite included site, then finally found a webmaster, good communication, mutual link, a close a concern. That is good, no 2 days, technical check, some owners is not authentic, with no shielding technology let the search engines continue to follow up. This way by the naked eye can not see it, some Adsense is directly secretly gave you down the link, this is cheating

finally, through web content optimization long, you can also get good traffic through search engine optimization and included. At this time, for the website, can buy from the chain stage, with independent website attitude of foreign exchange Links.

such as man, as a grassroots webmaster, have to say, this time we should help each other, please show your sincerity, otherwise, can only be a clever, confused forever

on how to judge the quality of Links, mainly by the amount collected, snapshot time and whether the site is a normal operation. Of course, PR is also one of the references. For the new station, PR is certainly not at this time, and others in the Links is basically no one would be willing to, so this time, we can only buy some high weight links.

rather contemptuous of such practices is the same as a webmaster, if you want to be a link, even if the other site issue by K, unilaterally terminate the link at least to give each other a message that. Change is who are depressed.

as a webmaster, web site optimization to set up the whole site filled from the site early site architecture thinking to the early days of the site, all is the need to gradually thinking. And in the early site, because new sites, web site is not good, the snapshot is not ideal, want to improve the site’s weight in the short term, most owners would choose to exchange Links weights using the way to improve.

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