September 10

Share a web developer to do Shanghai Longfeng paper


5, an important search engine robot user agent


more specifically, my job is to cooperate with Shanghai Dragon technology to achieve business practice, this is a challenge for me, for I have no concept of Shanghai Dragon technology, so I need to spend a couple of weeks to some basic theory knowledge of Shanghai dragon continues to twist Rachel, when I learn every one I have a concept of knowledge and will make a memorandum, which defines the hero, contains some code fragments, today saw some notes before he has done, feel very interesting and share part.


, the 4 common problems

6, robots.txt

HTML marker


recorded here is some general common problems, a solution to these problems and the common problems of all formats are like this, and here is the design of the URL default home page.

HTML mark all the important Shanghai dragon, in addition to the list of tags, also provides a code example.

A >

this section includes a search engine on some index on the website of the restrictions, the keywords cavern web link number, to facilitate the use of the time in turn, all while recording generally choose some words used in programming.

1, Shanghai Dragon

this section contains a list of all the spider user agent important search engine, of course, this list version may now outdated, but their odd names or useful, can they find the latest version now.

This part includes the

In fact,




contains the recommended title label, although many great formats have been formed in the Shanghai dragon design, but began to learn Shanghai dragon in the author, contact or above this format.

3, recommended title label

when I first started working in Shanghai dragon, I am not as a graduate intern into a Shanghai Longfeng company, I was working as a web developer in this company, of course for me complete code, my experience is very limited, I need to spend more time and effort to expand my knowledge.

2, the search engine index limit

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