September 10

Taobao guest website optimization Shanghai dragon should do

website keyword selection

project operationA

2., the current Taobao customer market in addition to peer competition, each big mall, search engines are doing with them. We do not have the competitive advantage, we can only take "Many a little make a mickle.", select a number of long tail key words to focus on obtaining traffic.

3. user thinking to choose keywords, to the user’s thinking to choose keywords is the keyword input to determine whether the user is "user" as our query "men’s watch" a word, contrast taobao贵族宝贝 Mens watch with Rolex Mens Watch, I personally feel that taobao贵族宝贝 Mens watch one more word for optimization. The reasons are as follows




three site positioning and design of

1. determines their interest in the industry, is the best teacher interest is the optimization of the long-term repetition boring process, in the short term there is no income, interest is the only dynamic

domain is proposed to buy COM new domain name, user input for thinking, the most important is to establish the brand. The old domain is not recommended, there are two reasons:

station program and domain name

. The old domain has been punished search engine risk, leading to late site optimization difficulty.

2. Considering the commodity prices, while online shopping has gradually become the mainstream shopping way, but it does not completely replace the entity shop. The higher prices of commodity users tend to trust more physical stores, high-end must be based on user trust in the shopping site, apparently new sites do not have such advantages of


station program recommended by the open source CMS to build, because open source front template more, to minimize the site homogeneity, the search engine doesn’t love a lot of websites choose open source as like as two peas, can ensure the maximum amount included in


1. Website positioning should follow the "fine", not to begin to take on the website


. From the conversion rate, taobao贵族宝贝 Mens Watch Rolex Mens watch high search taobao贵族宝贝 Mens watch is to buy watches ideas and search users, Rolex watches are likely to want to know the Rolex watch related information.

passenger station site due to its difficulty is low, income is faster, more flexible way of promotion and has been favored by many webmaster. Although Ali rules are constantly changing, seal off a lot of account, love Shanghai large-scale K station, many people think that Taobao guest website is dead, but from the two aspects of operation difficulty and benefits speaking, it is suitable for beginner.

support to do soLong tail keywords has certain choice to optimize the flow of

2. The old domain may not be able to find their own site theme correlation domain which is not conducive to establish a brand, is not conducive to the long-term development of


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