September 10

Shanghai dragon Er professional personnel we should master the technology website

third, setting method of website domain name redirection. The construction site often encountered need to redirect page case: like site adjustment, change the directory structure of the web site, be moved to a new address. "The extension or change, as a result of the application needs to.Php into.Html or.Shtml, in these cases, if not redirect the user favorites or search engine database access the old address can only let customers get a 404 error page information, traffic is lost in vain. Another example is the website domain name events, this time to the old domain 301 permanent redirect to the new domain name, this time set is very > 301


this is the dream of a recommended environment installation kit, you can search directly in Shanghai love dedeampz download, download the next installation you can debug PHP program, as Shanghai Longfeng personnel must possess the basic ability of website server. Even if you don’t practice personally to learn and understand the construction steps and the execution principle, so as to modify our website code, and lay a good foundation.

second, master the basic code of the HTML tag. The HTML tag is the basic web page code, its form is very good, do not need to explain any web server, you can directly open the browser, is a WYSIWYG way, and as the search engine is a search engine and web site the most basic communication language is very the necessary professional webmaster in learning for the HTML code in the process of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng Er mainly through the website to view the source code of the website structure is conducive to Shanghai dragon website ranking optimization, if not reasonable adjustments to the structure of the site first, followed by the deletion or merger of optimized code for web page effectively reducing fertilizer.

first, to build the site local debugging web web server. The construction site is now the mainstream program dynamic code, since it is necessary for web dynamic web server and web development language translation analysis, the moment we are familiar with the PHP, ASP, JSP, as small and medium enterprises may ASP and PHP is the main program, so we combine their own site to use for their own web server the structures of the environment, the author has been using dedecms belong to PHP class station program, so the choice of dedeampz,


as a professional Shanghai dragon er the author believes that in the website optimization process we must first understand some basic knowledge of server, web site code, because we are not only in the website optimization services for users, more attention is needed for search engine friendly cognitive website, in this case, we have to approach through the search engine to search engine can identify and communicate, then, mainly reflected in those aspects of

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