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Shanghai dragon led the key to success is the details of the layout the breakdown of Shanghai drago

operation is similar to Shanghai Longfeng workshop, there is a complete process, the whole process down website will have a good ranking. This is wrong, the key of optimization is to have a good thinking skills and strategies, the use of a key combination to optimize Shanghai dragon, very likely to achieve the desired effect.

1, we all know that the search engine spiders crawl the site by URL, the maximum of 5 spiders crawl depth layer, recommended directory structure is not more than 3 layers, can be respectively according to the layer is a layer, two layer, three layer etc.. That is to say that the home page column page, column page to page. The structure of the website can let spiders crawl to the site.

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3, column page can help users find the information they need, so the layout of the core column page is simple and clear. You can expand the core word target keywords to the layout, the premise must be the user concerns the target keywords. Here you need to use search engines to mining.


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a reasonable layout of the

1, keywords layout to analyze the core keywords according to the theme of the site, to analyze the target keywords column according to the core keywords, keyword analysis according to the target in the content page long tail keywords. Not all words are to get home. It is easy to cause the keyword stuffing. According to the search engine search, competitors website or love Shanghai promotion assistant this kind of platform to dig keywords, long tail keywords etc..

site title as far as possible with the core keywords and long tail keywords + company brand portfolio into a smooth and attract users to click on the title page, the title should follow the uniqueness, use a different page title is a lot of people are prone to errors. Key words in the title as close as possible to the far left, and the user’s browsing habits related. The position is in the front rank will be better.

3 page keywords, not too much, as far as possible in the two or three words, so that when writing an article for the entire page, highlight the theme, keyword too many words will appear page internal competition, and will spread the weight of the site within the

two. Key words layout thinking

4, which belongs to the inner content of the page website page, it is also the theme of the site and the most relevant page. The title should be selected in the low level of competition, love the Shanghai search to below 10W search page, so easy to be included. Content to control the keyword density, don’t be the search engine to identify cheating.

2, the home is the core of a website, is to let users understand what is the web site. The main content in the search results to show the main websites Title keywords and description. In the internal site through the site navigation and page content to the performance.

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