September 11

Shanghai Dragon website optimization overall planning books

again, content management optimization: update revision upgrades, maintenance of website best.

3, according to

website maintenance optimization: webmaster web site management, guarantee the high quality of the site operation.

1, log on the search engine promotion.

clear goal: by Shanghai Dragon technology will need to optimize the website or keywords in the search engine results obtained in the rankings change and upgrade.

– 1, according to the rational distribution of keywords keywords.

third: website optimization specific steps clear division.

of a website is a gradual process, long process. If so, do site optimization must have a whole strategy and plan, otherwise it is difficult to site optimization process to form a complete system. Whether large or small website, website, I think we should have an overall plan and the overall plan of Shanghai dragon, have some very detailed strategy, so that we can do site optimization, a step by step according to plan to execute our strategy, we can achieve the best optimization effect we want. Here is my summary about network optimization of some experience and insights to share with everyone, also reflect on their own.

6, according to

website directory and page specific analysis of each page to draw traffic.

website traffic analysis: the record of daily flow to do specific analysis.

5, according to the effect of the specific analysis included trans effect analysis and ranking.

secondly, use function optimization: convenient customer, improve the site function, avoid advertising, improve the user experience.

first, page layout and Design: code optimization, Title Description optimization, ALT optimization, attribute optimization etc..

, the 2 major portals for register promotion.

website optimization is a whole process from the construction site to site operation, the process will not depart from the optimization strategy, each link must have optimization ideas and methods.

second: website optimization plan to clear.

Make a concrete analysis of

2, according to the website architecture specific analysis to the search engine crawler.

4, according to the specific content and link analysis update, high quality link exchange.

Optimization of

fourth: optimization combined with the promotion of network marketing.

network optimization: user design optimization, let the client on the Internet to clearly grasp the site’s purpose and core products.

: the first site optimization to clear objectives.

search engine optimization: Web site ranking keywords or increase, customers easily find information and products need to.

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