September 11

Analysis of how to improve the site keywords value from three aspects


website is good, there is no value, all have users to search these words, search volume big, strong pertinence is not strong and so on. Therefore, to enhance the value of the web site keywords, naturally the first analysis of search these keywords of users, these users through mining, analysis of their preferences, combined with the local distribution, summarizes that factor, which can effectively determine the keywords of their choice, there is no value, appreciation of the space is large. In fact, for the words of the site, most owners do not care what the user search by love is the index of Shanghai traffic tips. How to dig through the target user group to enhance the value of keywords, that is in fact a lot of brand keywords make an unnecessary move, is to rely on this method to achieve, is like 163 mailbox, users to search this is to use 163 mailbox. How to use the pre mining mailbox users? This is the key to enhance the value of a key point.

two, with the strong correlation between the content of

site has no value will affect the level of conversion keywords. Owners in the choice of Web site keywords is the main flow of the keywords, in fact, this is a major mistake, and the conversion rate of low flow and high key words do the keywords to meet the eye everywhere, a value conversion site did not make any sense, especially Taobao customer class, the watch is the conversion rate not flow. So, according to the website keyword value, different sites to be analysed from different angles, not each type of website is the value of the flow of keywords rather than their fundamental goal. Today I talk about how to improve the methods of several key value:

three, set off.


know a keyword search user group, then the next step is through the combination of these keywords to update the content, after all, know their choice of keywords of value is just the first step, more important is to let the user search these keywords can get satisfied with their own information, or when the user search came in, found wide of the mark it is not purely fudge users? And the user is not a fool, you play too close the exit of ignoring the user. So, for some valuable keywords are needed to enhance the utilization of the related content, so after together, nature can let the value of keywords strive for further improvement. Many websites are your keywords set to some large flow point, and on the other hand, this will cause the website keywords and content does not match the natural needless to talk about how to improve the value of keywords, the search engine, this situation is just a optimization cheating, once found. What are the value of keywords. So, for the update and keywords of the strong correlation between content not only in order to enhance the value of keywords, but also conducive to the optimization of search engine is more friendly.

keywords Keywords

, a mining search keywords user group

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