September 11

Shanghai dragon Er will you work One way to go black you are doomed to failure

the black chain accounted for a small part of the website external links, but also put up some Never mind, but the black chain, the weight will be unstable, easy to fall right, K station, this will require you to be flexible to use it.

now online tutorial Shanghai Longfeng everywhere, most of the content is the same. For example, "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, the less you will hear ten times. Study of Shanghai Longfeng novices tend to rely on Internet, and then a way to go black. This Chinese and now the cramming method of teaching is similar to that of students waiting for the teacher to feed the knowledge, then remember the teacher, no actual operation, only a stomach theory.

, a keyword density problemIf you ask the

for the black chain, this is not the most terrible thing, the site has a certain weight, the chain accumulates to a certain degree, website keywords in the rankings have difficulties, you can consider buying some black chain. The main problem of the black chain is not stable, and it is through the website, with webshell and so on ways of intrusion to think even the formal chain, hang today, a few days to delete, search engines will punish you.

keyword density much better? You may say the best keyword density control in 2%-8%. The fact is that many enterprises station keyword density is very low, it may appear a title keyword, but also a lot of long-term occupation of home, you don’t have to increase your keyword density. Like some more competitive keywords, keyword density, for the love of Shanghai ranks very effective, even if such keyword density of more than 8% is harmless. In fact, this did not determine the boundaries, only you tried, can reasonably control the keyword density, so it can not only help as much as possible to improve the search engine rankings, and not subject to punishment.

two, links to buy

three, pseudo original and original problem

as far as possible new original articles, so the search engine on your web site, the initial impression is better, more trust your site. However, what is the original article to allow you to update the website.

a lot of optimization predecessors are certainly teach novice, do not buy a link, because it is like a drug, after the purchase link is to ensure not to fall. Yes, this is right, but this is not absolute. For example, a new beginning no weight, it is very difficult to exchange Links estimates, then the chain to buy a few high quality is also a good choice, can promote the site, fast through the sandbox, lifting weights. Is to start out with some money, soon the weight can exchange links, or even do better can request and sell you the website links to do Links, so you do not have the money, or you can sell some links or not, their flexibility.

Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon to share their experience of optimization.

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