September 12

User experience driven ranking driven marketing

finally is this website, never cheat users, people in front of them what users want to see, which is mainly manifested in the URL link set. The Shanghai dragon Er always love to do some small smart URL, old love to God pictures plus business links, in order to improve the consultation site, this idea is wrong. This would let users dislike your website, will let users feel is deluded. This website is not the case, the picture link added is the users want to see the page links. The above analysis is just the website user experience do a good part, this site has a pretty long time nobody, but the ranking is fine, this is a good user experience effect.

user experience is king, marketing is the ultimate goal of the Shanghai dragon. Not only the analysis > niche

The first

user experience driven ranking, ranking driven marketing. This is the website ranking, website user experience and do a good job, every day can bring 3-4 patients to the hospital through this website.

is now the Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult to do, now the Shanghai dragon has not only keywords ranking, more attention is paid to the user experience and marketing. 2012 Shanghai dragon with previous Shanghai dragon has been very different, love Shanghai pay more attention to the user experience, the user in the first place. If each site is seen as a person, the love of Shanghai as the masses, to see a keyword ranking appearance, the heart to see the human soul, only the soul of kind-hearted person love by the public, good looking people can only bring the masses a preference, is not the final mass support, eventually betrayed. Only pay attention to rankings do not pay attention to the user experience of the website users can only exchange for a favor, users can’t have what you want will automatically leave, does not want to click on the website. Focus on the user experience of the website can get the user permanent favors, find oneself want. Now the medical Shanghai dragon is very fire, I give a user experience good site, ranking has not down.

site of title is very helpful for the user experience. Love Shanghai Wuhan, "search" rhinitis is out of red, "the four words of rhinitis in Wuhan", many sites have these four words, the user won’t care too much about these same words. Focus on red font next to the word. Wuhan users found Wuhan hospital treatment of rhinitis rhinitis is certainly in the treatment of rhinitis, rhinitis is sure to find the hospital treatment of rhinitis, rhinitis "followed by" hospital ", which is to meet the needs of users, users love, Shanghai will definitely give you a good ranking. The second is the site of the structure to do good, to facilitate the user’s view, section to do more detailed, allowing users to quickly find what you want.



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